About Us

Here at Sodacase, it is our aim to create products that promote self-expression and speak to everyone. We believe that style and functionality should coexist in perfect harmony which is why we aspire to design products that reflect this notion. 

Located in Downtown Los Angeles, we find inspiration for designs everywhere, from the street art in the DTLA art district to the vintage buildings and art deco decor of the Eastern Building.

The designs are printed directly onto the plastic case with a unique printing process. The prints are raised and have an embossed feel to them. We use this printing technique so we can combine style and functionality as the embossed pattern serves as a grip to prevent accidental slips and drops. The print also resists fading and scratches from everyday wear and tear so your case always looks as vibrant as the day you received it. Each case also comes with a matching microfiber to clean your phone, smart tablets, glasses, lenses and monitors. You can even create customized cases with your own one-of-a-kind design and each case comes with a matching microfiber as well. 

We have implemented a fun and functional customization platform so you can design your own case as well. Take your memories and transform them into a case for yourself or for someone you love. You can even see the completed product before you order. Can't decide? Take your time and make several designs. Your creations will be there when you decide to purchase. 

Our team consists of individuals from various industries such as design, technology and merchandising.

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