Instagram made everyone a photog

Posted: Sep 18 2012

Nowadays with our smartphones and apps like Instagram, Hipsmatic and the like, everyone is a photographer. Take for example the pictures on the home page of Sodacase. Every picture was taken on an iPhone 4, using Instagram filters, in our Downtown LA warehouse, utilizing lots of natural light and a little bit of creativity.

(Photos courtesy of our CTO whose a full time dad and part time ninja/photographer)

One of our favorite apps here at Sodacase is Instagram. It has transformed how we look at everything around us. It has also changed the role of our mobile devices. Phones are not merely tools for communication, it's also become a means to express ourselves. Here are some of our favorite Instagram photographers. Aren't the pictures amazing and all taken from the iPhone!

Here are some Instagram pics from our staff. 

How has Instagram or any other photography app change your life?