Apple World Wide Developer Conference 2013 (WWDC) - iOS 7

Posted: Jun 10 2013

Today Apple announce iOS 7 at their annual World Wide Developer Conference 2013 (WWDC).  It's a total redesign of the UI since the launch of the very first iPhone.  The design favors a flat interface over the skeuomorphic one that comprised of real life elements like wood textures and stitched seams.

Also included with this total redesign are a ton of features, and here are some we are extremely excited about. 

  • Gestures - Swiping from the edge of the screen will switch between apps or if you are in safari it will navigate you through your history.
  • Parallax Effect - Backgrounds image are tightly integrated to the design, and images will tilt depending on the axis of your phone.  
  • Control Center - New control screen that can be accessed anywhere. Just swipe up from the bottom and you have access to airplane mode, brightness and many more. 
  • New Multitasking - Completely new beautiful look for switching between apps.
  • New Voice only facetime - One of our favorites not talked much about is the ability to do facetime with voice only. It's basically a skype replacement and great while travelling overseas. 

Our team will be downloading the beta version of iOS 7 today and trying it out asap.  The beta is available to all apple developers on

If you missed the keynote, you can watch it here